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No Barbarians, Just the Gate.

September 25, 2008 in rantlets | Comments (0)


Like everyone, as the apocalypse approaches, I’ve been watching a lot more business news on television recently.  My favorite tactic, one that has always been there but never really spotlighted, is the newsmedia’s bizarre practice of showing stock footage of the front door of a company’s headquarters when the firm is being discussed on the TV news.  Yahoo bought back $20 billion of stock?  Here’s a random 10-second clip shot from their office parking lot in 1988 (if it’s really fancy, they’ll zoom from the sign up the side of the building).  Why not just show someone assembling or using their product?  Do the news networks have vast storerooms of this front-door footage?  As the financial meltdown played out on TV, I found myself comparing the gold front-door nameplates of the respective firms.  “Of course Lehman went down – they only had one revolving door and a brass logo.  Put my money in Morgan – theirs is marble.  And just look how many planters.”  Or maybe we could judge the companies by the people coming out the doors.  “He looks smart, let’s give them a call.”  I’m going to start an ETF that aggregates the 25 firms with the handsomest front entrances.  That is, assuming there are 25 firms left.