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Gap-Toothed Stadium

April 17, 2009 in rantlets | Comments (0)

The New York Mets just opened a brand new stadium that took 3 years and $800 million to construct, and there’s at least one glaring flaw…a gaping void right behind home plate where there should be seats, which is like having a front tooth missing after getting your $15,000 braces off.  The Mets chose to place a stairwell instead of 25 front-row, behind-the-plate seats that could probably fetch enough ticket money over the course of a season to pay David Wright’s salary for six months (that’s a lot of extra sundaes-in-a-helmet they now have to sell).  And it gets worse: throughout the game, the offending stairwell continuously disgorges cellphone-waving jackasses and stadium rent-a-cops, promising a constant stream of distractions for anyone trying to watch the game.  Well done.