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Shooting Fish in a Barrel

May 20, 2009 in rantlets | Comments (0)


Dog is a professional bounty hunter who tracks down bail jumpers in Hawaii, which is like being a big-game hunter who tracks down rhinoceros at the zoo.  Hawaii is surrounded on all sides by 2,000 miles of ocean.  Why does it need a bounty hunter?  Just pick up the suspect when he visits the grocery store next to the courthouse. 


A New Insult, Free of Charge

May 7, 2009 in quotes | Comments (0)

Referring to the loser of a group, say that person is “going first in Double Jeopardy.”  Like how Alex Trebek describes the last-place player heading into commercial.  Example:

“Their oldest son Tom is a doctor, Kevin is a music producer, and Marvin…Marvin’s going first in Double Jeopardy.”