Black & White Ball

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You’re Invited


Please join us for a gala dinner honoring the

2008 Crossword Puzzle Clue

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners


Inductees – Arts:


Edie Adams                Enid Bagnold             Cher

Teri Garr                    Alec Guiness              Arlo Guthrie

Lena Horne                Elia Kazan                Dalai Lama

Ric Ocasek                  Ari Onassis                 Eva Peron

Elvis (Aron) Presley  Ringo Starr              Mao Tse-Tung


Inductees – Sports:


Arthur Ashe               Ilie Nastase                Bobby Orr

Mel Ott                      Ara Parseghian          Bart Starr


Inductees – Pets:


Asta              Brer Rabbit              Rin Tin Tin        Toto



Dinner of Okra, Eels, Poi, Aloe.


Mount Etna, Italy.  Lariat required.





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    p.s. 5 stars. no help.

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