2008 VMAs

August 28, 2008 in wordgames | Comments (0)

Here’s a quick quiz.  One of the following people is hosting this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.  The other three names are made up (but probably real people somewhere).  Can you guess the real host?


a. Jimmy Darling

b. Michael Madison

c. Russell Brand

d. Terrence Harvey


The answer is ‘c’.  Is he on Gossip Girl?  Or was there a reality show to pick the host?  Just for contrast, here’s a partial list of prior hosts from the past 10 years:


Jack Black

P. Diddy

Chris Rock

Jamie Foxx

Ben Stiller


There was a time when I actually looked forward to this show.  Now they just traffic in reminiscing about the serendipitous scandals they used to create, then try too hard to force new ones.



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